Some Movies and Hitchens

Last week was eventful; event here refers to a lot of movies.

The Spotlight:  Winner of Oscar for Best picture (2015).  I had high expectations.  It turned out as a powerful movie, technically good, nice script, engaging narration and good pace.  By the way, it is about the paedophile priests being exposed by a newspaper investigation team, ‘Spotlight’.

I get back to reading Hitch-22 after the movie. Christopher Hitchens admits the existence and normalcy of homosexuality in the boarding school in London during 1960. (75, Hitch-22) My debt to Dr. G. R. Taneja is unbounded. He introduced me to Hitchens over watery tea in the Saurashtra University canteen.


A Bout De Souffle or Breathless (1960) & In Praise of Love (2004): I restrain to say anything to his craft before I watch all movies of Jean-Luc Godard.


Manjhi:The Mountain Man:  based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi, a real hero. Unfortunately, we take time to acknowledge anything and anyone until it is too late. Nawazuddin is a gift to Bollywood.  Good attempt.  A good editor and cinematographer can change any movie, where were they?


The Danish Girl: I like Eddie Redmayne  after  My Week With Marilyn. (2011) Mr. Husband likes Alicia Vikander. Watch if you are sensible enough to see what a sex reassignment surgery receiver goes through. Brilliantly played by Redmayne.


The Dressmaker:  It kept reminding me of famous movies Dogville and Chocolate, just paler compare to both.


Permanent Roommates (Web Series): suggested by Mr. Husband. We watched first season on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Contemporary, Youthful and Realistic.  Hail Deepak Kumar Mishra and The Viral Fever team.



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