A nearby city Busselton is two and half hour drive away from Perth (210 kilometres). The road to Busselton is scenic and there are few miles affected with bushfire.

We decided to visit Bunbury on our way. I fell for this place; it is like Perth just quieter.  You are greeted by friendly smiles and vibrant weather on Sunday morning.

File 10-04-2016, 8 50 54 PM (1)

Enjoy dolphin tour and the beach is always an excellent idea to hang out. Bunbury tower in Central Business area (abbreviation CBD) is an accessory to the city.

Busselton: Don’t miss Simmo’s icecream in front of Jetty. The scoops are bigger than your expectation. Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.

pick a souvenir
Inside the interpretive centre

Take a look at the souvenir store inside interpretive centre or just read the history of the jetty.

There is a jetty train. It costs A$11 for an adult, and A$6 for a child (3-14+) and takes you to the underwater observatory. Feel free to take a leisure walk to the observatory. (1.8 kilometres) As you take the steps you are peeping into the beautiful world underneath the blue water.I just wished people were silent inside the observatory


New Selfie Point

If you want to go around on the weekend, a day trip to Busselton is perfect for fishing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. 




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