Previous Sunday we had been to Mandurah, 70 kilometres from Perth.  There was a Freeway bike hike so closure on Kwinana freeway. We reached to Mandurah in an hour.

Mandurah is famous for its peel region and Harvey Estuary. We hit the spot first and went to Mandurah boat and bike hire. You can book online Got a boat and sailed around the canal. 


The seascape while you are boating, the gusty crispy air brushing your face, occasional euphoric moment to spot pelican and variety of birds, to experience all these you have to be there. The blue tranquil water cools off your senses and at the same time you get the feel of an adventure.


The aloof sleepy city has been transformed into a favorite spot for retirees. No wonder, one of the most expensive real estate markets.

IMG_7892You can take a walk at Venetian canal and visit the war memorial closer to the waterfront.

The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is perfect for the art devotees. Don’t miss the wide range of paintings. The building itself is a treat, featured as one of the best public buildings in the International Architecture Year Book number 5. Mandurah movie club is in partnership with the Arts Centre. I spotted Education Rita among the featured movie of the week.  

Jesal, keen eye for details

Stakehill Estate Winery was spotted by my sister on our way back home. A friendly owner and a large collection of red, white, chilly and fruit wines. A good day ends up with good wine.




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