This port city is named after a naval officer Charles H. Fremantle who claimed it as Britain Territory in 1829. Locals call it Freo. well-maintained architectural heritage is the word for  Fremantle. The main attractions are The Round House, Fremantle Prison, and Fremantle Markets. Pick a heritage trail, there are many. The Round House, surrounded by late Georgian and Victorian-style architecture streets gives a pristine view of the sea and a tunnel to take you to the beach in a zippy.

There are many places to satiate your aesthetic sense. Try City of Fremantle Arts Collection, the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, and Fremantle Arts Centre.


Fremantle Arts Centre building is a charmer in many terms. Now a haven for the arts and artists was once a convict-built lunatic asylum and women prison. This extraordinarily striking building reflects neo-gothic and Jacobean architecture. It hosts cultural events, art exhibitions, and live music is performed in the courtyard. Many prominent artists have performed here, the list is impressive.  What caught me when Damien Rice hypnotized the spectator?

Snippets from the exhibition Revealed. Photo Credit: Bharat Karangiya


 Now aesthetes are buyers in future 🙂


Definitely one of the indelible evenings. It follows conspicuous drizzly weather, steamy hot coffee and arresting company of Mr. Husband. Recommendation: Spend a morning or an evening in Canvas Cafe.

In love with the art and artist




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