The Chronicle of Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


A stunning book, such a brilliant work that goes in a flow, irresistible plot. It is a novella, quick read. 122 pages, written in Spanish and translated and published in English in 1983.
It is a story of a murder which was ignited from the tarnished honour. Newly-wed Angela Vicario is abandoned by her husband Bayardo San Roman, a wealthy desirable man, on the basis that she is no virgin. Sent back to home within hours of her marriage, beaten by Mother. In no time, her twin brothers decide to murder the man, she disclosed as her seducer, Santiago Nasar.
The plot is nothing more than a news report for us. That’s where the magic of Marquez words lie. The news turned into a compelling book. The setting of the work is a small Colombian coastal town Guajiro is portrayed vivid , a reader will feel a part of it. Above all, it is a book so morbid about death, human emotions ranging from jealousy, revenge, the conscience of a man, of a mob, havoc a murder can bring upon, love and hatred, civilisation and beastly violence and cruelty man is capable of. You realise the misfortune of characters, misfortune of your own life while reading. A love story which is so unusual and yet striking and sincere.
No wonder the author should win Nobel Prize. Sometimes you want to tell every soul that read this, Something delicate and spectrum of emotions on pages you would miss , if you didn’t.
Some quotes ,
” She was so mature and witty that it was difficult to believe that she was the same person. What surprised me most was the way in which she’d ended up understanding her own life. Mistress of her own fate for the first time, Angela Vicario then discovered that hate and love are reciprocal passions”
 ” I saw him in her memory. He had turned twenty-one the last week in January, and he was slim and pale and had his father’s Arab eyelids and curly hair. He was the only child of a marriage of convenience that hadn’t had a single instant of happiness”
P.S. it did a very difficult job, made me cry.