First Month In Australia

Toyed with the idea of blogging once I leave comfortable cosy home, last few months were crazy in terms of shopping, packing, deciding what I really want and what I am going to leave at home, seeing relatives, neighbours I barely spoke to. Now once an expatriate I had a big range of things to notice, read, understand and imbibe from the new place and culture. A month went well; this is the time I type.

It sounds cliché.  Living in Perth comes with its perks, to see a cultural mix of people, art and accent. The last one was a bit tough on me.  Left me confused, helpless and in big doubt for my ability to understand English. The best thing I have experienced is you can walk on the road all alone, a zip zap zoom car occasionally, and no one in sight. Not a single person.  Unconsciously I compare it to the busy roads in India with the vast diversity of noise and of course a lot of people. There are few places we have been to.

Western Australia Museum and two important notice to welcome.

The staff and volunteers were busy packing valuable items; most of the areas are strictly closed to visitors due to major changes in the museum.  Definitely a children friendly place.

We visited the beach at night and after watching The Reverent none of us had the mood to click.  It was a completely peaceful night by the sea.  An ideal place for star-gazing.

State library of Western Australia: I got my membership and we strolled on the three floors of library. I got a book The Eye of the Sheep by Sofia Laguna for the book club meet next month.

Few social get-together, I can’t say I enjoy it.On some serious boring events Mr. Husband rescues me with his company.

I got two books, seen a lot of movies together,will review them soon.   Australia is treating me fine.