A speculation that Waits is inspiration for Heath Ledger for his immortal character The Joker in The Dark Knight

So one morning Mr. Husband comes back home, excited to play a track he discovered. I am half drowsy going along and he completely indefatigable. It was ‘Chicago’ by Tom Waits. This is awakening. The baritone voice is haunting and comforting, idiosyncratic eccentric vocals and powerful lyrics.

Past week movies is a bunch of chronological mix and most of the movies are based on actual events.

The Frozen Ground (2013): I remember parking lot of Kings Park, chips and not so distracting drunk guys and nothing about the movie. This is like any typical serial killer who happens to be a sadist rapist, targets girls in a similar pattern and nobody notices for ages. One good guy is willing to sacrifice his personal life for this case because he seeks some sort of redemption. Based on real events drew me. Skip this, life is okay.

Noble (2014): It brings the story of Christina Noble, a children rights campaigner. Noble lost her mother and a father who barely exists, life in an orphanage and never ending miseries along her way. Nothing deters her; she comes out victorious after every ordeal. Dierdre O’Kane who plays Noble twitches her face in a distinctive manner; I didn’t know she is a stand-up comedian. Overdone scenes and dialogues scattered generously throughout the movie. Watch it, every trouble of your life will look less significant and suddenly you question yourself for what good you have done.

Frances (1983): It is a depressing movie for those who search entertainment, it hits you hard. A biopic of Frances Farmer, an American actress. Jessica Lange nails the role of a talented, stubborn and compulsive woman. The movie narrates how a gorgeous talented actress destroys herself and it is heartbreaking because you know you are dealing with reality.

My Dinner with Andre (1981): Take few minutes to settle down with the fact that two gentlemen are going to talk in a chic restaurant, munching food and discussing their experiences. But it is more than that, minute details and contrast of the characters.

Spanish Apartment Trilogy (2002-13): Multilingual, ensemble cast, and real life portrayed with no fairy tale love stories and other shit. The first in the league, The Spanish Apartment is about a bunch of exchange students from Europe living in an apartment in Barcelona. The writer and director, Cédric Klapisch was inspired by a visit to his sister who was in Barcelona, sharing an apartment with other exchange students. Russian Dolls is about the struggle to settle careers and chasing wrong women and dreams. A dreamy wedding too. Chinese Puzzle: Protagonist is now trying to understand past and life. Trilogy is about experiences, observations of some loser who is figuring out his personal life at 40. Be prepared to hear a lot of Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and if lucky English too.

A Perfect Day (2016):  based on a book, Dejarse Llover by Paula Farias.  It is a maiden attempt in English-language by Spanish director Fernando Leon de Aranoa.  Set somewhere in Balkans about the aid-workers and struggles they face as the events of a day unfolds. It is blunt and ironic take on war, sharp images, and loud background scores.  We recommend this.